Viskonta assortment update

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Date of publication: 07.12.2022
Viskonta assortment update

With the advent of winter, it became much more difficult for our soldiers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight for the independence of the country and drive the enemy out of the territories of Ukraine. In such difficult times, the support and assistance of the army from volunteers and ordinary citizens is especially important. In this regard, the Viskonta store decided to increase the assortment and add goods necessary for military personnel to the site.

What products will appear in the factory catalog

Guys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine spend many hours in the trenches and in difficult conditions. It is important to provide them with warmth and comfort. Coming soon on Viskont  men's thermal underwear for the Armed Forces will appear. The advantages of this clothing:

  • warms properly in winter;

  • keeps the right heat;

  • remove excess moisture;

  • Nice and subtle to the touch.

Thermal underwear – it is a must for every soldier who serves in the army in winter.

In war, not only clothes are important, but also additional things. Tactical goods will be presented in the store catalog: potbelly stoves, sleeping bags, tactical bags, backpacks, unloading, etc.

The main thing for a good rest – is to provide the conditions for restful sleep. In war, soldiers do not have the conditions to sleep well, so the task of volunteers and citizens is to provide such an opportunity, at least partially. The site sells fold-out beds, which can be purchased and sent to the front.

How to place an order on the Viskont website

To order goods for the Armed Forces, please contact the managers by phone listed on the site or write to the mail. Goods and online store Viskonta are sold at retail and wholesale. Wholesale buyers are guaranteed to receive a discount depending on the number of selected products. The size of the discount will tell the manager after placing the order. Delivery is carried out in a short time, payment is made after receipt and inspection or to the account.