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You can often face household problems in the form of the need to replace furniture or change your place of residence. Of course, there is an immediate desire to design a house or apartment so that the space becomes more functional and comfortable. Cabinet furniture will help create a suitable interior.

The Viskonta company is a Ukrainian manufacturer engaged in the creation of reliable and functional furniture products. It is impossible to tell and list the possible variations of products offered by the Viskonta online store, for this you should visit the website of the furniture factory in Dnipro.

Here is a team that keeps up with the times and introduces new technologies into the process of creating furniture products.

The Viskonta company offers the buyer the following advantages:

  • environmentally friendly furniture products. The presence of own production helps to control the quality of products at all stages of production. Viskonta makes sure that every customer enjoys not only the beauty of the furniture, but also the environmental friendliness;
  • a wide range of products. On the website you can buy: metal beds, wardrobes, tables, folding sofas, beds with drawers;
  • production of furniture to order from an extensive, updated catalog;
  • you can purchase goods both wholesale and retail;
  • consultation of company managers;
  • openness and honesty;
  • payment after receiving the order;
  • production of a special order within 7 days;
  • shipment of finished products on the territory of Ukraine.

The Viskonta furniture factory is a partner in the world of functional cabinet furniture. Now the house will be comfortable.

Viskonta in detail

The Viskonta furniture factory has been operating in Dnipro for more than 10 years, the company has managed to prove itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and modern furniture.

Shipping of warehouse items within 1 day
Production of furniture to order within 7 days.
Free modern furniture design
Payment of the order upon receipt
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Viskonta in detail
Інформація про компанію

ТОВ "Інжиніринг-Сервіс Груп"

Тип компанії




Кількість співробітників

51-100 человек

Організаційно-правова форма та капітал
Рік заснування


Статутний фонд

50 тис. USD - 200 тис. USD

Організаційно-правова форма

Товариство з обмеженою

Інформація щодо виробництва
Розміри виробничих площ

Епіцентр, Атб-Маркет, Єва

Місцезнаходження виробництва


Контроль якості


Ринкова діяльність
Основні клієнти

Епіцентр, Атб-Маркет, Єва

Обсяги продажів за рік

1 млн. - 5 млн. USD