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Office filing cabinets

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Comfortable, functional workspace – an important part of the productive process. Comfortable working conditions create a positive attitude and have a positive effect on the professional results of employees. And office cabinets – This is the detail without which the organization of workplaces cannot be considered successfully completed. Roomy, ergonomic. These are separate structures that help systematize and organize the storage of any number of documents. If the nature of the department’s work is related to office work, you cannot do without such furniture. 

Types of office cabinets

Office furniture of this group can be cabinet-mounted or built-in. The first category is universal, as it can be installed anywhere. If necessary, it can be quickly rearranged. Built-in models are stationary (fixed). They use the allocated space as efficiently as possible. Preferred for large volumes of papers.

In terms of configuration, filing cabinets are either solid or modular. In the first case, the furniture body – single design. In the second – consists of several sections. Depending on the needs, the modules can be swapped, one can be replaced with another.

Main structural components of furniture – open shelves and closed sections. Modules without facades are necessary for quick access to documents. These are “rack” type models. Among the leaders are combined options. The upper part – 2-4 open shelves, lower part – swing doors. Only the necessary papers remain visible. A standard office cabinet involves storing everyday documents. Such furniture has open shelves and doors that cannot be locked. 

For storing papers that do not require frequent use, we recommend purchasing closed structures. These are tall single and double door cabinets. The furniture is comfortable, reliable, and helps get rid of visual noise.

Viskonta range

The company's furniture line is represented by models of different sizes and configurations. Here you can buy a filing cabinet: 

  1. Categories "pencil case" – narrow single-section design (400 mm wide) with a door in the lower third.
  2. Type "rack" – standard design with open shelves, without fronts (width 800 mm).
  3. Type "cabinet-rack" – combined model with open shelves at the top or doors at the bottom (width 800 mm).

 The furniture is made of laminated chipboard. The material combines good wear resistance, good appearance and low cost. Thanks to this, the price of office cabinets is in a price segment accessible to most buyers. 

How to choose an office cabinet

Purchasing furniture should solve the main problems – organizing storage, matching the style of the room, being of good quality and not going beyond the acceptable budget. Important characteristics:

  1. Accessories, mechanisms. Office furniture is subject to intensive use. Cabinet doors will be opened and closed daily and repeatedly.
  2. Mounts. Slender rows of documents create a significant load on the shelf holders. Strength – an integral criterion.
  3. Form. Wide, low office filing cabinets or narrow elongated shelving. In the first case, it is possible to use the space above. In the second – use the narrow partition
  4. Dimensions. Estimate the number of papers that need to be placed and the area allocated for furniture. In addition to external parameters, evaluate the depth of the shelves. Will it be possible to place A4 format vertically and horizontally?
  5. Interior space. Arrangement depends on needs. You can buy an office cabinet with open sections and closed modules. Combined options are popular – part of the shelf is open, and part has a door. 

Advantages of an office cabinet manufacturer

Exclusion of the distributor link between the manufacturer and the buyer – this is always a lucky coincidence. In addition to the absence of overpayment for the goods, the consumer receives:

  • reduced delivery times;
  • furniture according to specified parameters;
  • confidence in the quality of workmanship and assembly accuracy.

Viscount – manufacturer of office cabinets using only safe and hypoallergenic materials. These are reliable, durable structures, the strength of which is beyond doubt.

Terms of order and payment

Visconta Company – Ukrainian furniture manufacturer. To buy a model from the catalog, place an order on the website – through the cart or the “buy in 1 click” form. We also prepare furniture designs to order, without prepayment. To do this, contact the sales department by phone or provide feedback information ("order a consultation" form). Payment for cabinets is made upon receipt (cash) or online through the Viskonta store website.