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Thermal underwear in Odessa

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For reliable protection and comfort in the cold season, proper thermoregulation is important. Thermal underwear in Odessa from the manufacturer will help maintain this ability at a physiological level. These are models for everyday wear, sports, outdoor walks. An effective moisture removal system prevents overheating and, as a result, subsequent hypothermia.

Thermal underwear in Odessa – types, purpose, material

The sorting of clothes is determined by its capabilities and, accordingly, its purpose. You can buy three types of thermal underwear in Odessa.

Saving warmth

Required for light physical activity in cold weather. Suitable for hunters and fishermen. The desired effect is achieved through cellular, but dense weaving. The cells let moisture out, the fibers of wool, fleece, microplush retain heat and warm.


Synthetic models for increased physical activity. Recommended for running, cycling, skiing. The main property – rapid removal of moisture. The fabric stays dry. These are polyester-based kits.

Men's thermal underwear for intermittent loads, regular wear

This is the most extensive group of products. Includes hybrid models. They wick away moisture well and create an insulating layer. Suitable for wearing in the cold season both in the city and in ski resorts. The complex effect is achieved due to the composition of the fabric. This is a multi-layer material in which woolen and synthetic fibers are present.

When choosing thermal underwear in Odessa, evaluate the composition of the fabric. They determine the characteristics of clothing:

  1. Cotton fibers. Present in models for the summer. They absorb moisture, thus cooling the body.
  2. Synthetic threads. Elasticity provides a comfortable fit. The elastane also increases wear resistance. Polypropylene fibers are essential for moisture removal. Fleece thermal underwear in Odessa – soft, warm and comfortable.
  3. Woolen threads. Expensive products – with the addition of natural merino fibers. These are thin, but very warm fabrics.

The price of thermal underwear will depend on the composition of the fabric, so when choosing, consider all the characteristics of the product.

Recommendations for choosing thermal underwear in Odessa from the manufacturer

Before buying, determine the purpose of clothing: 

  1. Temperature regime. Summer, winter or autumn-spring season socks.
  2. Intensity of physical activity – daily movement, sports, quiet leisure time in winter.

The choice of fabric composition will depend on this, therefore:

  1. For cyclists and active tourists thermal underwear for men made of synthetics is suitable. Clothes dry quickly on the body.
  2. For comfortable leisure in summer – models with the addition of cotton.
  3. For a frosty winter with minimal traffic – densely woven fabrics with the addition of natural wool.
  4. Fleece thermal underwear is suitable for a cool off-season.

Visconta store assortment

Military thermal underwear in Odessa is represented by models:

  1. Snow standard. Material single layer microfleece. Designed for temperatures from +18°C to -15°C. Composed of cotton and elastane.
  2. Snow Fighter. Comfortable temperature conditions from +15°C to -28°C. Two-layer thermal underwear for men. Outer layer – microdiving, indoor – microfleece

Purchase Benefits

The Visconta online store offers underwear that will reliably protect you from the cold. This is a specialized clothing of our own production. Advantages:

  • natural and synthetic materials that are safe for health;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • wear resistance;
  • anatomical fit.

We sell thermal kits wholesale and retail for APU and other tasks.