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Good health, mood largely depend on proper rest and sleep. And the main role in this matter is played by the organization of the bed. Reducing the cost of buying a bed in Odessa can cost health problems in the long run and much more.

Beds in Odessa – construction types, sizes

The wording «good furniture» does not have a specific definition. It is invested in the durability of the product, compliance with the taste of the buyer. But the main – it is the ability to solve practical problems. The classification of furniture is determined by the selection criterion.

According to the dimensions of a bed, a bed in Odessa can be:

  • Single. Designed for one person. A popular width is 80-90, but you can choose an option up to 120 cm. The standard for the length of furniture for adults – 190-210 cm
  • Double. For a comfortable sleep, respectively, two people. These are designs 160-200 cm wide and 200-220 cm long. The running option is 160x200 cm. This category also includes enlarged King-size models. Their width is 200-230 cm. Length – standard.
  • One and a half. A popular single option for fans of a spacious place to relax. Furniture width – 120-150 cm, length – 180-210 cm

Performance characteristics, durability are closely related to the frame material.Beds for the bedroom can be from: 

  • Sheet material – MDF and chipboard. Durable furniture. Has load limits. It will cost relatively inexpensively against the background of the cost of solid wood products. 
  • Metal. Metal beds attract with variability in design and colors. Durable and reliable. Withstand almost any load.
  • Combined options. Products combine several materials. Metal, chipboard, natural wood may be present. In the design of the headboard, fabric and leather are often used. Models of this category expand the possibilities for creativity and a non-trivial approach to interior design. 
  • Array. Natural, durable. The strength is not inferior to metal. But it has a high cost. 

By design, they are distinguished:

  • stationary;
  • transformers. 

Benefits of the second category – a full bed in a small room. The rest of the time, the design is located in a niche or closet.

The lamellas determine the orthopedic properties of the furniture. Cross wooden planks at the base. The more of them, the more durable the bed. Alternative – metal tubes of small diameter. In addition to the direct purpose of – sleeping area – Here you can organize storage space. In this case, pay attention to the models:

  • with drawers rolled out from under the body;
  • with a lifting mechanism that gives access to the box under the base.

Beds in Odessa from the manufacturer Viskont – types, range

The company's catalog contains:

  1. Furniture for children, teenagers and adults.
  2. Single beds, models for two.
  3. Single-tier and two-tier structures.
  4. Beds with a lifting mechanism, a box for storing textiles and other bedding.
  5. Products with a metal base, chipboard frame, combined options.
  6. Assorted colors.

You can choose beds with upholstered headboards or from metal – as an extension of the frame. Interesting news – models with bedside shelves. They can be located on the sides of the headboard, above it. 

Recommendations for choosing a bed

When planning to buy a bed in Odessa, evaluate the combination of factors. 


Does not affect the functionality, but plays a decisive role in the perception of the interior. Headboards in fabric upholstery or leather are good for modern classics, modern. Suitable models without legs or on the podium. The minimalist interior combines curves of metal, structures with legs.


Furniture should not be bulky, "eat" all space. In a spacious room, you can also install King-size. For small-sized, pay attention to the transformer models. When buying, consider the recommendations for the size of the bed – for one or two, adults or teenagers. So a double bed in Odessa is made not less than 160 cm in width and not less than 180 cm in length. 

Base height

Standard – 55-60 cm from floor level. The top edge of the mattress is at knee level. Such designs are popular among people of all ages. Non-standard furniture with low legs is often preferred by young people. If there are small children in the family, it will be easier for them to climb to a lower height. It's safer to get off.


Determine the additional features of the furniture. Need more storage space but can't fit a chest of drawers? Take a closer look at models with a lifting mechanism or drawers. And a spacious box the size of the base of the bed is at your disposal.


Solid, chipboard, metal. In terms of strength and durability, metal and wooden structures take the lead. At the cost of the frame – furniture from chipboard. The mattress is supported by wooden slats or a metal grill. Orthopedic properties are important – the first option is recommended. Metal pipes are reliable. They cannot be broken, unlike wood. For high loads, metal rods are preferred. 


Custom shapes look spectacular. Round, trapezoidal, heart-shaped. Are they convenient to use? When choosing, consider the geometry of the room. The leader in ergonomics is classic rectangular furniture. 

Viskonta Product Benefits

Company Viskonta – furniture manufacturer, which determined its advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • reliability of structures;
  • quality control – safe materials;
  • aesthetics in every detail;
  • attractiveness and functionality even after years of operation.

The page presents furniture of different form factors, from different materials. Didn't find a suitable model? Let's make a bed according to design and the customer's sizes. The indicated price – to a ready position from the catalog.