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Desks Dnipro

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Computer table "Yaris" 1200x600x750 mm (Black  Sonoma oak)
В наличии
3 163uah
Computer table "Yaris" 1200x600x750 mm (White  Sonoma oak)
В наличии
3 174uah
В наличии
1 560uah
В наличии
1 676uah
В наличии
2 210uah
В наличии
2 210uah
Desk (Desk) "UNIOR" 1200x600x750 mm (Sonoma Oak)
В наличии
2 600uah
Desk "TAHO" 1200x600x750 mm (Modena walnut)
В наличии
2 678uah
Desk (Desk) "SIMPLE" 1200x600x750 mm (Sonoma Oak)
В наличии
3 250uah
Computer table VISKONTA "LOFT" 1200x600x750 mm (Black).
В наличии
4 485uah

The catalog of the Desks section consists of 11 products. Our products are affordable, you can order Desks in Dnipro no more than 4485 UAH. Flexible pricing policy is ensured by our own production.

For those looking for a budget option, the model at 1560 Desks is made exclusively from certified materials, at each stage of production Viskonta employees carry out quality control.

Desks Viskonta: comfort and style

If you are planning to buy Desks Dnipro that will stand the test of time and not only last for a long time, but also retain their appearance and functionality, then Viskonta is the perfect choice for you. We specialize in creating high-quality products that combine convenience and stylish design. Desks to order in Dnipro is a great choice because you get:

  • Individual approach to each client. All your wishes regarding colors and sizes will be taken into account.
  • Desks with warranty and hassle-free returns
  • Fast and convenient delivery in Dnipro.

Frequently asked questions about Viskonta desks

⏩ How to choose the right desk?

Choosing the right desk depends on your work needs, design preferences and room size. Detailed descriptions and characteristics of each table on the Viskonta website will help you make an informed decision.

⏩ What materials are used in the production of Viskonta desks?

We use high quality materials such as durable metal frames and scratch-resistant surfaces. This guarantees a long service life of the furniture and preservation of its appearance.

⏩ Are there compact solutions for small workspaces?

Yes, Viskonta offers compact and functional desks specifically designed for small offices or home offices, maximizing the use of space.