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Cabinets in Vinnitsa

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Proper organization of storage is impossible without systematization and compact placement. Cabinets help to realize the task. These are case and built-in models with a variety of content. Looking for a closet in Vinnitsa? Check out the Viskonta store catalog.

Classification of cabinets

By design features:

  1. With hinged doors – narrow pencil cases, classic swing models for clothes.
  2. Coupe variant. The movement of the facades is parallel to the rear wall. Rollers are installed on the end parts of the doors. Moving along the monorail, they set the door in motion.

By number of doors:

  1. Single-door – for a niche or in hallways.
  2. Two-door – a frequent choice for children.
  3. Three-door – popular wardrobes in the bedroom in Vinnitsa. Also installed in living rooms.

The product can be cased (stand apart) and built-in. In the second case, the geometry of the room, walls, floor, ceiling is used.


  1. Linear models – the most common.
  2. Angular L-shaped and U-shaped structures.
  3. Products with a radius end.

Cabinets in Vinnitsa from the manufacturer – popular sizes, colors, materials

Furniture cabinets can be of any size. Sizes are determined by needs. Here are the optimal parameters from a practical point of view:

  1. Standard door width – 60-90 cm. Popular width size – 1.2-3 m.
  2. The width of the chipboard sheet is 278 cm. Products with a solid bottom and roof cannot exceed this dimension. When creating larger structures, the principle of a modular system is applied.
  3. When choosing a height, room parameters are taken into account. Is there a need for free space between the furniture and the ceiling. Popular options are 220 and 240 cm high.
  4. The depth depends on the content, the footage of the room. For a typical rod installation, a depth of 60 cm is recommended. In a narrow room, furniture with a depth of 40-50 cm is recommended.

What materials can you order a wardrobe in Vinnitsa from:

  1. Particleboard. Boards are obtained by gluing the middle fraction of chips and sawdust. Resin composition is used. The material is durable and inexpensive. Easily processed. Coloring and lamination allows you to give the plates the desired shade and texture. Can imitate natural rocks, stone, metal. Allows wet cleaning.
  2. MDF. more expensive material. Boards are obtained by gluing small wood shavings with paraffin and natural wood glue. It is eco-friendly and harmless to health material. Wide blades do not sag during operation. Durable and wear resistant. Does not deform under the influence of moisture, with temperature fluctuations. Not susceptible to mold and mildew. If you need such a cabinet, the price will be higher than in the chipboard version.

The color scheme is dominated by an imitation of a saw cut of natural rock. Wood palette:

  • dark colors – wenge, walnut, acacia, cherry, oak.
  • light shades – pine, beech, ash, alder.

Light shades soothe, visually enlarge the room. This is an effective option for small spaces. Often used in children's rooms. As a result, the furniture acts as a background, in harmony with the surrounding space. Doesn't look bulky or aggressive.

Closet in Vinnitsa – how to choose

When planning to buy a wardrobe in Vinnitsa, determine:

  1. Integrated or freestanding construction required.
  2. The dimensions of the space allocated for furniture – width, depth, height. The geometry of the room plays a leading role in this matter.
  3. The number of things to place. Only wardrobe items or textiles, small appliances, ironing board.
  4. Interior fittings. Quantity, dimensions and location of components – shelves, drawers, partitions. Hanger bar – stationary or with a microlift, single-tier or two-tier. Do you need additional hooks, trouser holders, hangers for ties and cufflinks.
  5. Number of doors. The wider the model, the more doors needed.
  6. Conformity to the interior concept. Any furniture, wardrobe is no exception, must match the style of the room. Harmonize with other furniture, match the color of the walls and floors. Need a decor or a choice in favor of a concise design.

Why buy at Viskonta

Furniture company Viskonta – Ukrainian manufacturer of aesthetic, solid and durable household goods. Treatment Benefits:

  • no intermediaries, which means low prices;
  • control of all stages of production;
  • range of models;
  • guarantee;
  • execution of individual orders;
  • prompt delivery.

How to build a closet

The coupe variant, like traditional swing models, are overall products. The furniture is delivered unassembled. How to put all the elements together and get the finished product? The process is not too difficult, but requires patience and care. To facilitate the task, along with the furniture, a manual, necessary parts, fasteners, tools (keys for confirmations) are provided. 

The product package includes the necessary fasteners and detailed assembly instructions. Performance of work does not require special knowledge, skills or training. Everyone can assemble the structure. The holes are located exactly where they should be. During the assembly process, distortions, displacements, mismatches of holes are excluded.

Stages of ordering and production of Viskont cabinets

Furniture production – a complex chain of logically thought-out events and actions. The catalog contains ready-made models available for dispatch the next day. To order a cabinet, use the "1-click" form or leave a request through the basket.

Custom-made furniture includes:

  • coordination of the dimensions of the structure;
  • selection of interior fittings – size, quantity, arrangement of elements;
  • design development. Facade design, body presentation;
  • furniture production. 

To form an application for the manufacture of a cabinet, contact the store managers by phone.