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Each piece of furniture has a specific role. Cabinets in Odessa – These are compact and at the same time roomy designs. Help organize storage. Cope with the support function. They can act as a decorative table or console. They are in harmony with both modern interiors and classic furnishings.

Furniture classification

According to the design features of the cabinet, you can buy in Odessa:

  1. Suspended. Light and airy. They seem to float in space. Attached to the wall. Consideration should be given to installation. Allows efficient use of space. Convenient in small rooms.
  2. On legs. Stable, mobile. Do not require special installation. Originality is given by the unusual design of the supports.
  3. Classic models on a one-piece support-sole. Do not require cleaning under the curbstone. Can be placed in the bedroom, living room, hallway, nursery.
  4. With drawers. Relevant if necessary to store paper, useful little things.
  5. With niches. They play a decorative role.
  6. Have a solid body or combine several sections.
  7. Bedside tables for things in Odessa with doors. Often there are several shelves behind them. Things are always at hand, but do not create visual noise.
  8. With glass inserts or combined facades. Spectacular decorative techniques turn standard furniture into a design object.

When it comes to compact models, the choice of floor or hanging option depends on the wishes of the buyer. With a large load on the support, for example, in the case of a chest of drawers, a design with legs is chosen. It will withstand all bedding sets, clothes, textiles and other things.

Product shape:

  1. Rectangular and square – the most popular options.
  2. With a round or oval top – for fans of non-trivial interiors.

Glossy surfaces are typical for high-tech, art deco, modern, pop art styles. Matte surfaces welcome minimalism, loft, eco-style. The size of the structure is determined by the area of ​​​​the room, the functions of the furniture.

In the living room, overall consoles are preferred. When installing a hanging TV panel, the design of the TV wall should be in harmony with the design of the furniture. For a nursery, bedroom or corridor, you can choose a compact model.

Material can be:

  1. Particleboard. By dyeing it acquires any color. You can choose a shade based on the style and palette of the interior.
  2. Chipboard. Laminated chipboard. Film coating increases resistance to mechanical stress and moisture.
  3. MDF. Durable material. Heavier than chipboard. Not afraid of moisture. MDF is most often used for furniture facades, countertops.
  4. Tree. Products from the array – leaders in aesthetics and durability. But also the first in price.
  5. Glass. Not used as the main material, but present in structural elements.

Recommendations for choosing a cabinet in Odessa

Before, define its purpose:

  1. Furniture in the living room

Two categories of models are popular – TV stand and a bedside table for a sofa. The dimensions of the furniture will depend, first of all, on the size of the TV. The equipment must be stable. The next moment – the desire to place decor, organize a storage area. The height of the structure depends on the level of upholstered furniture on which the audience will be located.

  • Bedside tables.

Compact headboard models. When choosing, color, design is evaluated. The configuration is selected based on the wishes.

  • Shoe cabinets.

They are located mainly in the corridors. Designed for storing seasonal shoes. These are small in depth structures with inclined shelves. The first selection criterion – number of pairs to store. Next – shoe height. Consider the interior.

  • Dresser for bed linen Odessa.

Pay attention to the chests of drawers. The drawers will accommodate bedding, blankets, pillows and other textiles. The designs are roomy and oversized.

Tables in Odessa from the manufacturer – assortment, advantages of Viskonta

Looking for furniture in the bedroom for storing things or need a floor stand in the hall? The Viskont Store presents designs for various purposes. Non-trivial combinations of colors will make the interior special and unique. We offer facades in:

  • white;
  • black gloss;
  • Tahoe Oak, which mimics a woody cut
  • combinations of white and wenge.

The furniture presented on the website – products of the Ukrainian manufacturer Viskonta. These are modern and solid products for organizing a comfortable and harmonious space. Sideboards from Viskont:

  • made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • reliable;
  • will complement any interior;
  • represent a combination of aesthetics and quality.

You can choose an option from the catalog or order a pedestal by size, design and design. Delivery of orders across Ukraine – transport companies.